Kino Club is an international Helsinki-based artist collective with a shared love of moving image-related art. I am one of the Co-Founders of the collective together with other members. We met each other in The Fine Arts Academy of Helsinki. Kino Club has served as a strong social facilitator in the academy, as well as an ongoing underground art initiative in the city.

Since the beginning of 2017 the group has hosted frequent thematic screening events through online open calls, and has to date showcased more than 200 films in 27 screenings. In January 2020 the collective curated its first exhibition: Expanded Cinema, a group show in Exhibition Laboratory Gallery in Helsinki, where members of the collective, alongside invited artists, experimented spatially with the concept of moving image.

The collective has often collaborated with various performers and musicians, to create total experiences, improvised audiovisual works, and participatory situations with relational aesthetical elements.

Notable screening events include, but are not limited to: Migration in Vapaan Taiteen Tila/Free Art Space in Helsinki 2017, Kino Club Goes Orion in Orion Cinema in Helsinki 2017, A Blind Date for Gardening as part of Kaipuu Festival in Helsinki 2018, RED MAY / Punainen Toukokuu in Alkovi Gallery in Helsinki 2018, PaganVegan in Garden House Helsinki 2019, Laponia Improvisations as part of Nomads Festival in Helsinki 2019.

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Capture performance by SASHAPASHA and ZHERBIN, Kino Club: DARK 22.10.2017
Kino Club and Laponia Improvisations part of NOMADS FESTIVAL, 22.09.2019
Opening of KINO CLUB, 12.02.2017